Background on the IUGS - Geoheritage Task Group (GTG)

The IUGS - Geoheritage Task Group (GTG) was formed by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) Executive Committee in November 2010 in order to assist IUGS with coordinating the many global programmes dealing with recognition, conservation, education and protection of geological heritage.

Through individuals and organizations who are global leaders in geoheritage, the IUGS - Geoheritage Task Group (GTG) will facilitate national and international awareness and understanding of underlying geoheritage concepts.  The Task Group will assist in recognizing and promoting important geosites, Geoparks, World Heritage sites, and other globally significant sites recognised for their geologic values. The GTG will also work to initiate and promote geoheritage programmes in developing countries.

The GTG will work with other existing IUGS Task Groups, Commissions, Joint Programmes, and Affiliated Organizations which also promote global geoheritage, including: