Meetings of Interest in 2018:


The deadline to submit an abstract is 10 January 2018, 13.00 CET. Regarding early career scientists (PhD students, young doctors), the EGU can provide financial support to come at Vienna but you need to submit your abstract for the 1st December 2017.

Former meetings:

2nd International Conference on Geoheritage, Korea 

- XII National Meeting of the Spanish Commission on Geoheritage, Menorca, June 2017 

- European Geoparks 14th conference, 7 - 9 september, Ponta Delgada, Azores Unesco Global Geopark 

- European Geosciences Union (EGU), General Assembly 2016, 17 – 22 April 2016, Vienna, Austria. ( ) Deadline for abstracts: 13 January 2016.

- “Journées Géologiques du Maroc” (Geological Days of Morocco), Rabat, 10-12 May 2016, Includes a specific session on “Geoheritage: identification, assessment and protection”; Language of presentations: French, English and Arabic.

- International Geologic Congress (IGC), Cape Town, South Africa, 27 August – 4 Sept. 2016,, The deadline for abstract submissions is 31st January 2016. Consider submitting to the IGC Geoheritage Theme Session:; GSG Steering Committee members, Patrick McKeever and Enrique Díaz-Martínez, are conveners (champions) of this session.

- IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC), Honolulu, Hawaii USA, 1 – 10 September 2016,, Abstract period closed.

- IX Geological Congress of Spain, Huelva, 12-14 September 2016; http://www.congresogeologicoespañ Includes a specific session on geoheritage (T13).

- UNESCO Global Geoparks Conference, South Devon, UK, 26 – 30 September 2016,, The call for abstracts will be issued in January 2016.

- Geological Society of America (GSA), Denver, Colorado, USA, 25 – 28 September 2016,, The deadline for abstracts is 1 February 2016.

- Cities on Volcanoes 9, Puerto Varas, Chile, 20 – 25 November 2016,, The deadline for abstracts is June 2016



Meeting in 2015, Toulouse (France) for geoheritage and inventories

Septembre 2015, 8 - 12VIII International ProGEO Symposium 2015 - Geoconservation strategies in a changing world

September 2015: 13th European Geoparks Conference

Rokua Geopark – Finland

September 2015 4th Asian – Pacific Geoparks Conference
San'in – Kaigan Geopark – Japan

23 June – 3 July 2015 – International Intensive Course on Geoparks

Lesvos island Geopark – Greece

May –June 2015 – European Geoparks Week 2015

THE 1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GEOHERITAGE 4-7 June 2015, Huanjiang, Guangxi, China

March 2015: European Geoparks Meeting

Μagma Geopark – Norway

19-22 September 2014: 6th International UNESCO Conference on Geoparks

Stone Hammer Geopark – Canada

 1-3 September 2014: European Geoparks Meeting

Geopark Harz Braunschweiger Land Ostfalen Geopark – Germany

26-29 March 2014: European Geoparks Meeting

 Sobrarbe Geopark – Spain

 24 May – 9 June 2014 – European Geoparks Week 2014

 24 June – 4 July 2014 – International Intensive Course on Geoparks

UNESCO ? IUGS IGCP 40th Anniversary Event, Paris (Feb. 2012):

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the IUGS - UNESCO?s International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) a conference was held on 22 February 2012, at UNESCO?s Headquarters in Paris, France. Launched in 1972, the International Geoscience Programme supports international cooperation in geology. It serves as a network for thousands of scientists worldwide, notably in developing countries and focuses on projects relating to present concerns such as georisks, hydrology and climate change and modelization projects based on geological data. Over 335 projects in about 150 countries with contributions of thousands of Earth scientists attest to the scientific and applied quality of the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) since its inception in 1972. 

Dedication Ceremony of the Lutetian GSSP (Feb. 2012):

On 13 February 2012 the Golden Spike defining the base of the Lutetian Stage (early/middle Eocene boundary) was placed at 167.85 in the Gorrondatxe sea-cliff section (NW of Bilbao city, Basque Country, northern Spain; 43º22'46.47" N, 3º 00' 51.61" W). Present at the ceremony were the Mayor of Getxo, the Chair of the IUGS International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS), the Chair of the Subcommission on Paleogene, the leader of the Gorrondatxe research team and other members of the local and international scientific community. The ceremony was also attended by the President of the IUGS and members of the IUGS Executive Committee and other IUGS bodies.


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